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All the way from startups to bigger players, here is a sample of the work that we’ve done for clients that trusted us


At X-Squad we leverage best practices and always stay updated with what the cool kids are doing out there.

Modern web app

Modern architecture that is built on client side framework and utilizing server side RESTful web services to provide desktop-like rich browser interfaces and leads to reusability, simplicity, extensibility, and clear separation of component responsibilities

Infrastucture as code

The enabling idea of infrastructure as code is that the systems and devices which are used to run software can be treated as if they, themselves, are software. Allowing our client to achieve the holy grail of deployment which is “continous integration”

Native mobile app

UX is the overall experience a user has when using your product. it is like a joke, if you have to explain it, it’s not that good. And if your app has bad UX, people will stop using it. In order to achieve the best possible experience, native apps is the way to go

Automation as a service

We help you rapidly realize business value by leveraging our deep expertise in cloud and automation solutions and our structured, focused implementation approach

About Us

Introducing a team of dedicated problem solvers


Amine Bezzarga

Polyglot Engineer

iOS, Android, Node.js, React, has no more secret for this technology agnostic profile. He has experiences joining existing teams, building teams and working independently, either on greenfield or ongoing projects.


Nadir Berrara

Padawan Developer

Frontend web dev, HTML5 / CSS3 / React.Js / Vue.Js / Node.Js… mainly a Javascript jedi. Interested in mastering new frameworks and always open for new challenges.

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